Saturday, November 10, 2012

AIRPLANE! And Some of the Sweetest Daddy/Baby Shots I Ever Did See...

So our house is right in the flight pattern for the North Las Vegas Airport. I think we must be right under the pattern for the runway to land. Most of the planes are pretty small...don't ask me what kind or how big because I don't know. I should because I am an Air Force spouse, but here's the thing....I can't tell the difference between a F-16 and an F-15. BUT I can tell the difference between a T-38 and a C-5. I kid...I can do better than that. Most of the time. If I have a 50/50 guess.

But for real. The planes landing at the airport look like tourist planes...maybe somewhere between 4 to 8 people could sit in them. And some helicopters too. But to Avery EVERYTHING is an airplane. And it doesn't matter where we are in the house, if she can hear it, she's pointing to the sky and making a plane noise with her mouth.

As a side note, these are some of my absolute FAVORITE pictures of Troy and Avery together. FAVORITE!! They are looking up at the airplanes. It was a particularly busy evening over there. It is important to note that these were taken BEFORE daylight savings. It is PITCH BLACK here at 5:15 now. It is awful.

How cute are they!?!? I love her chubby baby fingers pointing up at the plane.

And this is her making her "OOOOOOOH" face when the next plane came over! She wants to make she we know it's there. I love her.


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