Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Walked Out in the Garage and the Bumper was HANGING TOTALLY OFF THE CAR. And Troy was Getting Directions Off YouTube.

Troy and I are the kind of people that pay for service. If something will take too long or be a big pain in the butt, we'll pay a lot to get out of doing it ourselves.

After Avery went to bed, Troy decided to do some DIY car work. Which he had never done before. I was a little nervous. If you read our last DIY story, you know how that went. He needed to change the lightbulbs in one of the headlights that were out. He has always paid for repairs for his car. It's a Volkswagon Jetta, and he's always been like, "it's a foreign car so it has to go to a dealer!" Like a Jiffy Lube won't know how to change the oil in a german car. Seriously.

So when he announced that he was going to AutoZone to get lightbulbs, I thought THEY were changing them. Nope.

He came home and brought his computer out in the garage.

Natalie (with a tremor in her voice, knowing that Troy has to drive it to work in 2 hours): Uhhhhhhh, what are you doing?

Troy (very calmly and confidently): Watching a "how to" video for this.

Natalie: Uhhhhhhh, what are you doing?

He ignored me. I avoided going out there for about an hour. And then I walked out and saw this:


Troy: I'm aware. I had to take it off to get access to the headlights. I've been here the whole time. I know it's off.

Natalie (voice squeaking): Are you seriously watching youtube?

Troy: Yep.


Troy: Hey look. There's a dead bird in the bumper where I took it off.

Natalie: WHAT!! GROSS! Get rid of it! (long pause) OK FINE! Let me see.

I took a picture of the dead bird inside the bumper, but I won't do that to you. Some of you may be eating breakfast. Yuck.

You saw it here first folks. Troy is wearing a head light. Like, for when you go hiking at night.

But for real. He figured it out calmly. Using a youtube video. I was seriously proud. He probably saved us 2 hours of paying for car labor at a shop. And thank God for dawn soap. It's the only thing that gets car grease off of skin.

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  1. No shame in YouTube! Tyler and I fixed my brakes from YouTube! (Although, I will never do it again.. haha)


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