Monday, November 12, 2012

So. I Got My First Speeding Ticket. And the Police Officer COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE RUDE.

This morning, I woke up and took a shower. And got ready for work. And got Avery out of bed to go to Carolyn's house (our nanny). I dropped Avery off and got on 215 going east for 2 miles and then merged to get onto 95 going south.

I look in my review mirror and see a motorcycle cop while I am on the 1/2 mile ramp from the beltway to merge on the highway and going about 60 mph. I think nothing of it because I wasn't speeding or breaking the law. I am getting ready to move onto 95 south and I see his motorcycle lights flash for about 5 seconds and I am confused. I think that he is signaling me to get out of the way so that he can get by faster. So I drive a bit to the right side of the road to let him by (the exit ramp is long and raised and only 1 lane) but he keeps on my bumper and so I merge off the road.

I was FREAKIN SCARED. I have NEVER been pulled over. EVER. No warnings, no traffic violations, no nothing. Perfect driving record. Until today. SO I am shaking. He takes his sweet time and gets off the bike and walks up to my side of the car and while I get my license and registration. This is what I am thinking:

Oh God. License and registration. That's what the cops say in movies. I have both. Go me. And I found them. Crap. I'm going to be so late for work. I don't have anyone's phone numbers. How am I going to call them? If I reach for my phone, will he think I have a gun and shoot me? Was I speeding? Nope. Oh crap, I wonder if my plates are expired. Hmmm (looking at registration), nope I'm good. Maybe my taillight is out. Oh no. I hope he takes his helmet and sunglasses off. He looks scary. I would hate to drive a motorcycle when it's this cold outside. Yuck. Oh CRAP here he comes. Maybe if I leave my Christian radio on he'll have pity. Oh God. Stop shaking. Don't cry. DON'T be that girl who cries. Don't do it.

He walks up to my window and I roll it down. He does not remove his helmet, sunglasses or move his little microphone from in front of his mouth. So I can see NO identifying features of his face.

Cop: (while yelling because we were on the highway and he didn't take off his helmet to hear me) License, registration, and proof of insurance.

I hand it to him and wait a beat while he looks at my license.

Me: Is there a problem?

Cop: (very rudely) Oh. So you think I'd give you a ticket without telling you what your traffic citation is?

Me: What? No. I just don't know what's wrong.

Cop: Are you telling me that you don't know what your speed was back there?

Me: I was going 65.

Cop: Right. I clocked you going 66.

Me: Okkkkaaaaaayyyyy?? (still waiting for an explanation)

Cop: The speed changes from 65 to 45 within a mile or so as you approach 95 because lights start on the north side of 215.

Me: Oh ok, I didn't realize that. I was on the highway for less than 2 miles.

Cop: (dripping with sarcasm) Did you pass your test for your drivers license?

Um Hello. The sarcasm AND question is just mean. Of course I passed the test. Would I be driving if I hadn't? You are in the suburbs of Las Vegas. This is not the strip at midnight. I am not drunk. Or a prostitute. Don't treat me like that. I am wearing scrubs and on my way to work with a car seat in the back. Hello. Sarcasm not needed. Suburban mom right here.

Me: Excuse me?

Cop: Why did it take so long for you to pull over?

Me: Your lights weren't flashing when I saw you. There are cops on the highways all the time. And I didn't feel safe pulling off to the side on a 1 lane, raised highway, entrance ramp where people are getting ready to merge at 70 mph.

Cop: (still dripping sarcastic and yelling over the noise) Well if you had passed your test, you'd know that you are supposed to pull over when you see an officer behind you.

I OBJECT!! But I didn't say that. I know that you are allowed to pull off at ANY spot where you feel comfortable. Which I definitely didn't. As it was, I pulled over in a construction zone between cones. Just sayin'. I could have called the police department to confirm that a real police officer was following me if I wanted. All within my rights okay?

Me: awkward silence while thinking ^this^ over.

Cop: (While looking at my license because it is from Delaware) Are you visiting Las Vegas or are you a local?

Me: I'm a local, we just moved here in mid August.

Cop: And you're on your way to work?

Me: Yes.

Cop: I need your local address. What is it?

Me: (Gives him address)

Cop: (yelling) I need you to speak up!!

Me: (shouts address)

Cop: (still yelling) LOUDER!

Me: (shouts address)

Cop: (yelling louder) LOUDER THAN THAT!

Me: (takes registration from Cop and writes address on it)

He goes back to his motorcycle to write up my ticket. And I proceed to cry. He was so mean, sarcastic, and inappropriate. I literally couldn't believe how rude he was. And my only reaction was to cry. Not sobbing. Just a tear every once in a while.

So he comes back with my ticket(s) and hands me my speeding ticket. So then he says:

Cop: Here's your ticket. Sign here. I reduced the speed to just say that you were 5 over. (only good thing he did or it was a reckless driving...ew)

Me: Thanks. What do I do now? Do I pay, do I call court, do I call my insurance? I've never done this.

Cop: Directions on the back. And I have to write you an additional ticket.

Me: What? Why?

Cop: You told me that you moved here in mid August. Thats two and half months ago.

Me: Okkkaaaaaayyyy

Cop: It's Nevada state law that you change your license, registration and insurance within 30 days of taking residence. (tries to hand me ticket)

Me: (puts hands up and pulls them away from the ticket) WHOA WAIT. My husband is active duty military and our insurance and registration is in his name. We don't have to change that stuff because he is active duty.

Happy Veterans Day you JERK! Kidding. I didn't say that.

Cop: (awkward pause with ugly look on his face because I was right and he wasn't expecting that response) Oh......well I didn't know that.

Me: (voice shaking and tear coming down face) You've been very rude, sarcastic and unprofessional (I may have said inappropriate). Be nice. I've never done this before and don't know what to expect.

Cop: Well, act like an adult and suck it up. It's time to put on your big girl pants. (I am shocked into silence) Have a good day.

And he turns around and walks back to his bike.

Seriously. If I was speeding, that's fine. I get a ticket. But really? No need to be rude. He was on a serious power trip.

Here's the kicker. I got back to Carolyn's and told her and her husband (who is from Las Vegas) what happened. Talon said I should file a complaint for his behavior and that his name and badge number should be on the ticket. I pull the ticket out and hand it to him and he's like "NO. WAY. I have to call my sister."

He calls his sister and sure enough, the cop is her ex-fiance. I tell her the whole story and she's like, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!! I KNEW HE WAS A JERK. I'm so glad I broke it off with him."

Small world. I did file a complaint. Because really? SO rude.

Advice anyone? Pay the ticket? Contest? Anyone else have a horrid police interaction? Make me laugh please. I still haven't talked to Troy. Maybe he'll take pity on me because he was so mean.

Anyway, here's the picture. Opinions?


  1. Clearly the cop is a jerk and out to get someone. He should've had the decency to at least be professional, but yelling is ridiculous. I'd pay it, but follow up on the complaint!

    1. Yeah. I know right? I filed a complaint online, but I'm sure there are WAY worse things that internal affairs are dealing with (I'm thinking about things on CSI and stuff) so we'll see if anything actually comes of it.

  2. Complain. Seriously, there is no reason to be so rude. The fact that he asked you numerous times to "be louder" is ridiculous. I was pulled over for reckless once, and while I was scared the cop was very nice, and explained everything. I understand officers have to do their job and it is their job to be on the offensive, but what he did to you was rude and plain mean.

    The complaint system is for things exactly like this. Go get him.

    1. I really hope someone calls me back about it. But hey. It's Vegas. We'll see. I'll definitely follow up and let you guys know if I hear anything.

  3. You you were so upset when you called me with the blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror that I thought you got a DUI or something and need me to bail you out of jail. My heart was in my throat until I finally figured out what was going on.

    Complain some more. Someone will respond if you bitch long and loud enough. No excuse for rude. You pay his salary.

    1. Thanks mom! DUI at 715 in the morning?? I. WAS. TRAUMATIZED.

  4. What a JERK!

    When I rolled the car when I was 16, that cop was a jerk too. Gave me a ticket as I strapped to the backboard in the ambulance cause "he didn't feel like driving to the hospital."

    Complain, complain, complain! My mom & lawyer did on my behalf and ticket got dropped.

    1. Ewww. He sounds rude and lazy. And then wonder why they get a bad rap.


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