Sunday, December 23, 2012

Made in China

So about a week ago, Troy walked with Optimus down to the mailbox and came back with this gem.

Troy: What is this?

Natalie: What is it?

Troy: Did you order small pox from China?

Natalie: What? NO. Gimme that!

(Opens package while Troy picks up Avery and covers her eyes as if whatever is in there will explode and pour acid into her eyes)

Troy: Well, what is it? It better not be a Christmas present for me. I don't want nothing from China.

Natalie: Are you kidding me right now? I bid on it on ebay and got it for a DOLLAR. I mean the shipping was 8.99, but that's still cheaper than I could have bought it for in the US.

Troy: That doesn't change the fact that it was probably made by a 2 year old in a sweat shop for a penny a day.

Natalie: Well if the US could make such nice things for this price I'd buy it from them instead.

And then I looped the necklace over Avery's head to annoy him.

So look at THIS one from J.Crew. FOR 150$$$$ - WHAT!?!?!

Bubble Necklaces are all the rage on pinterest right now.

Evidence here:

So here is my identical one. OH WAIT. Troy was protesting my support of China and covered it up for a few shots.

Here it is for real. Doesn't it look EXACTLY like the 150$ one from J. Crew?? Except mine is MORE awesome because I only paid 10$.

I LURVE IT! Merry Christmas to me. You can see that Avery likes it too. Her hand is all outstretched like "gimme gimme, let me touch, I lurve it!"

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