Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Fertility Update

In short, it's not going well. At all. I hope that this "month" goes better. Last "month's" cycle was only 22 days.

Here's what's wrong with me.

Here's my mid-month update.

Well, since that happened, I'll update you again.

My odds of getting pregnant on the Follistim were about 65-70%. The odds of multiples were 30-35%. So, in short, my odds of getting pregnant were AWESOME. I was pumped.

The last time I left you, were in in the middle of injections, which most people take for 8-10 days. I took them for 12. You read that right. 12!! It was crazy. I was spotting the whole time, which the doctor credited to a cyst on my left ovary collapsing and bleeding a bit from the high levels of estrogen running in my veins. I had to take the shots for 12 days because I was spotting and my lining wasn't thick enough to support an egg implanting.

I took my trigger shot (a high dose of hcg) when I had 4 mature eggs (the goal was 3-5) on the evening of February 12. The next morning, I started having SERIOUS heavy bleeding. FOR NO REASON. The doctor said that the hcg probably made my estrogen plummet and trigger a period. I was at work and ended up on the maternity floor for "products" because the bleeding was so bad. Awesome. He brought me in for an ultrasound to see if I had ovulated, and I did! YAY! Good news. But my lining was SO thin. He said there was still a shot that I could get pregnant, so we kept our heads up. The bleeding stopped on the 17th.

I went in for some additional blood tests that day and my levels were great. My nurse said that so far, my blood work was indicative of a pregnancy and I was over the moon. And then I went in again on the 20th and all of my number had PLUMMETED and she said that there was NO WAY my body could support a pregnancy in it's current state. And then the next day, I started bleeding again. This time, it was my actual period. My cycle was exactly 22 days long.

I called the office and they were like, ahhhhhh, NO! That was on saturday.

I started another cycle on monday the 25th. I went in for my ultrasound monday morning and bloodwork and they found a 2 inch cyst on my right ovary. It's new. Thank you Follistim. They told me if my estrogen levels were over 60 that I wouldn't be able to do another cycle until the cyst was surgically drained. TRIGGER MY ABSOLUTE FREAK OUT!!

I went to work with all sorts of horrible things running through my mind and when my nurse finally called me at lunch I was considering quitting the Follistim until the summer and hoping that the cyst would collapse on it's own. But my estrogen was only 51!! Praise God. So I started taking my meds again that night and now were are trying to speed up the cycle from 12 days to less than 9 because Troy and I are traveling to visit a friend in Colorado next weekend and will be unavailable for 4 days.

With that said, I am SO HOPEFUL that everything goes better this round. And that it goes faster. Otherwise, my doctor is writing me a note to carry large needles and medication onto a we are now on cycle #2 of Follistim. Here we go again... In good news, the medicine is AMAZING and I feel like a million dollars.


  1. Fingers crossed so hard for you Natalie!

  2. I am so hopeful that this time everything does what it's supposed to do and you end up with a little bean growing inside you!!!!


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