Monday, March 18, 2013


So Troy found this app on his phone called "Fatbooth." You take a picture of yourself, line up some lines/dots with identifying features (like your nose and bottom of your chin), press enter and it pops out an image of what you would look like if you were fat.

We definitely were able to entertain ourselves for about an hour.

And since we were so entertained, I decided to share our masterpieces with you all. Lucky lucky you!

Here is me looking SO hot:

And of course, we couldn't leave Avery out of the fun:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I'm dying. SO funny.

And here's Troy:

And because he coudn't just stop at one:

We were all having so much fun, we went ahead and let Optimus in on the fun...OH YES WE DID! It didn't work so well for him, in terms of "fatting" him up, but funny all the same:

I hope today's post made you smile!!

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