Thursday, August 15, 2013

2 Appointments Later... and 25 weeks Pregnant!

Appointment from 8/6/13

If you haven't read yet, I had a cerclage outpatient procedure 2 weeks ago. You can read about it here.

I had my follow up appointment a week later and my doctor was very pleased with the results. We looked at the ultrasound of the babies (still happy and kicking in there) and he did an internal ultrasound to look at my cervix.

It was neat because you could actually see the stitches in white in the ultrasound. My doctor was all, "look at that beautiful cerclage! Who did that??" Love him.

So then he's like, "So about rest and work...."

And I interrupted him. I said, "Troy and I have talked about it. I work because I love my job and I see it as 'me time.' I don't HAVE to work. I'm going to call it quits for the rest of the pregnancy because it's not worth the medical risks the babies or I could face if something happens."

And he says, "Oh thank God. I was going to tell you that you could go back to work if you wanted to. If you were MY wife, I wouldn't let you work. But I hate telling people not to work because you never know what their financial situations are or they're going to lose their home because you tell them not to work. I'm so relieved that you made this decision on your own."

So based on LAST week, I'm now at home full time until I decide to go back to work. After the babies are born. And I can tear myself away. And we figure out child care. And how I'm going to breastfeed. And we know what Troy's schedule is going to be like.

Appointment from 8/13/13

I was scared to go to this appointment. With Troy's new weird schedule, he's not really available for now. The last time I went to an appointment by myself, I found out that I needed to have the cerclage. I just keep feeling like I'm waiting for bad news and I don't want to face that alone.

This was a pretty exciting appointment because I was having another growth ultrasound. Most people have ONE growth ultrasound, at the 20 week mark where they find out the gender of the baby. But I had one at 21 weeks and will have one every 4 weeks until the end of my pregnancy (my 29 week one is already scheduled). So since it was my 25 week appointment, they were checking everything out.

Things we found out:

1. Kinley is seriously low. Like, SO behind my pubic bone that they could NOT get a head circumference on her. No wonder sitting down is uncomfortable. I feel like I can't bend AT ALL.

2. Last week, both babies had their heads down by my right hip. Caris is now ALLLLLL kinds of stretched out. She has also flipped and has her head by my stomach, her butt is under my liver, and her feet are by my right hip (where her head was last week). She is in a giant "L" shape. Poor Kinley is shoved down into my pubic bone and curled up in a little ball.

3. They are both still looking great developmentally. Their brains and hearts are GORGEOUS. From the mouth of the ultrasound tech :)

4. They are both a little small. Kinley is measuring 1b 11oz (46%) and Caris is measuring 1lb 8oz (33%). But that is nothing that the doctor is worried about. Especially since Avery was born on time and was only 6lb 13 oz. Maybe I just have small babies... which is not so awesome for multiples, but we're going to see how they're measuring at the next appointment.

So then Dr. Adashek came in a told me my babies are gorgeous (well, duh!) and gave me a hug. He did the internal ultrasound to look at my cervix and see if the stitches were holding.

He said that they still looked great and he still wants me to take it easy and keep taking my uterine muscle relaxers. Even though I had taken the medication 2 hours before my appointment (they last 6 hours), the tech told Dr. Adashek that I had 4 contractions during my hour long ultrasound. Eeek. So we're still dealing with that.

My doctor is feeling good about how everything is going and I was cleared to go back to my every 2 week appointments instead of once a week. Well, I still have to go in every week for my progesterone shot (to tell my body that I'm pregnant and not to go into labor) but I'm back to going every other week to see him.

The good news is, we have some help right now :) YAY! Ask and you shall receive!

So Troy's aunt arrived the day before my cerclage, stocked our freezer, cleaned the house, and yelled at me before I could break my rules, and left 10 days later. Troy's mom got here LATE Tuesday evening and is leaving almost 2 weeks later. My sister, Taylor is coming the first week in September. My cousin Laura is coming for a week or so in mid September. Then my step mom is coming for a week at the end of September. And then my friend Kristen is coming here for about a week at the beginning of October. Then I can hopefully con my mom into coming to in mid October...when I hit about 34 weeks. And staying...FOREVER. Kidding. Sort of. Not really at all.

In short, we are expecting LOADS of company to help and pass the time between now and when the babies come. Especially if my oldest keeps trying to jump in deep end of the pool.

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