Sunday, September 29, 2013

Uncle Si/Duck Dynasty

Troy's parents were SUPER active in youth group when we were growing up. He has made a point to be involved with the youth at our local churches whenever we move. Here are a couple theme night pictures from other events.

Troy as Mr. Incredible with Jim as Batman:

And yes, I volunteered as well, but haven't since Avery was born. Here is Troy and me on Cowboys and Indians night.

As further proof, here is me as a Kangaroo (cause I'm preggo) and Jon as a Gorilla on animal night:

But really, this post is about Troy and is total commitment to a theme night.

So, Troy volunteers with the youth group at our church here in Las Vegas. He goes to their weekly house group meetings for bible study. Every grade has a house in the community that is offered up to the church for the youth. Troy goes to the house for 11th grade boys.

As part of their outreach, the house groups had a theme day during the sunday youth church service. The service is at 11am and is usually 100+ high school kids. It's a full service with their own praise band that is members of the youth group and a sermon and communion and everything. Most of the house groups have about 10-20 kids that go to each house for each gender. For example, Troy works with the 11th grade boys and they usually have about 10-12 kids there. They are trying to encourage more kids to attend house group, so they had a theme day on sunday for house groups.

Each house group picked their own theme and Troy's house picked "Duck Dynasty." Troy was VERY excited and went all out. He dressed up as Uncle Si and even brought the teal cup with a container of sweet tea.

I was dying. He was looking up Uncle Si quotes so that he could spit them out at youth group.

Troy went to Buffalo Wild Wings and picked up "duck wings" for their themed table. Troy was in charge of food for the house table and the 11th grade girls leader (they meet at the same house and so the whole grade had the same theme) was in charge of decorations for the table. I think they did awesome.

Those were all taken with an iphone, so sorry about the quality. But seriously, how funny is that?

And here is a video. Because you know, Troy is the best. I mean, Uncle Si.

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