Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom is Better than Your Mom

That's a pretty bold statement, but I feel pretty good about it.

Here's a list of reasons why.

1. She has the best fingernails ever. She tickles me when I flop down on top of her on the couch. Not like "haha," but so that I get goosebumps while she plays with my hair.

2. She cleans my house better than I do. Whenever she comes to visit, she cleans all the spots that I don't want to/think to clean. Like my baseboards. Or the inside of my washing machine. And she makes my bed everyday when she comes to visit. Cause you know, we gotta keep the spiders out of the bed.

3. She's a little crazy. But it's about good stuff. For example, she's on the organic cleaning materials thing right now and she's washing everything (laundry, dishwasher, mopping, bathrooms, dusting) with soapnuts. Seriously. It's a nut that you boil and it releases this oil into the water to make an all natural soap.

4. She gives me good book recommendations. I don't know many moms who will recommend Pure Romance or 50 Shades of Grey. Which brings me to the next point.

5. She lets me hack her amazon account whenever I want and download her purchased kindle books for enough reading material for 6 months. That's like $200 of free reading every 6 months. Score.

6. She sends me funny "pins" on pinterest when I'm having a bad day. She just gets me.

7. She loves my babies. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that she adores my Avery so much. There is nothing like watching your parents be better, more patient, more fun grandparents than they EVER were as parents. Seriously.

8. She tries so hard to eat healthy and watch her weight, but whenever she comes to visit, she makes all my favorite childhood meals that are full of cheese, carbs and butter. Yum.

9. She has been to visit 6 times in the 1.5 years we have lived in Vegas. 3 of those trips were completely unplanned and she bought her ticket DAY OF because I was having medical/emotional issues and I just needed my mom. Even though I live thousands of miles away, she still comes when I need her.

10. She lets me steal her stuff. And doesn't even argue. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, coffee cups. I just cram stuff into my bags when I visit. I haven't had the opportunity to in a while cause I haven't been home, but I'll be there in about 2 months. So hide yo' stuff momma. Sticky fingers is coming home!

11. Her hugs are the best. She really hugs you. And not just me. Strangers have told her she hugs the best. She really hugs you and she rubs your back and scratches while she rubs. None of that ass out/one arm/side hug crap.

12. She tells me when I need to take some time for myself. Read this as: She tells me when I look like crap. She tells me to go get my hair cut. Or replace my make up. Or exercise. HAHA let's be real...I just eat better and try to pump more.

13. She's not big on all. But for some reason, Valentine's Day is a HUGE deal to her. She has to make sure we know how loved we are. She always sends cards and candy and house seasonal decor. Cause I have an addiction to seasonal decor that she doesn't really understand, but she totally supports my addiction. That's what friends do. This is her Valentine's Day tree. She decided that she didn't want to put away her tree and decorated it for Valentine's Day.

14. She tells me when I'm being a baby. Or a bitch. Or to go eat something. Or being a crabby pants. Cause sometimes you need someone to tell you to suck it up, pocket the attitude, and push through. But she does let me vent to her first.

15. She's my bestest friend. I literally call her everyday. More than once. Sometimes just to tell her that I broke a fingernail and I'm annoyed. And if she doesn't pick up and I know she's home, I leave really really long annoying messages on their 5+ minutes. And instead of listening to them all the way through, she calls me back so she can hear my story first hand and interrupt to ask for more details.

I can't imagine my life without her. Happy Mother's Day.

Try and top that list. TRY!!! You can't. Cause my mom is more awesomer than your mom.

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  1. Love Letter for My Daughter

    I'd like to believe that I am the best Mom ever but, having observed (read obsessed) you stretch and reach and grow in to an amazing young woman over the years, sometimes because of me but often in spite of me, you are most certainly the best Mom and most loved daughter. Here's why;

    I love that you see the value in family and friends.

    I love that you thoughtfully, prayerfully can make the hard decisions.

    I love that you think my opinion matters.

    I love your naïveté even more now that I see it blossoming in Avery.

    I love that you call me out when I need it.

    I love that you're my vent buddy.

    I love the Mother's Day cards you send me.

    I love to listen to my Mom and Granny Tucker sing your praises.

    I love that you can sing.

    I love watching you struggle to become a better wife and mother.

    I love that you're invested in your professional life.

    I love that you're always willing to share yourself, your time, your beautiful daughters and your LIFE, warts and all, with not just me but everyone that cares.

    I Adore You.



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