Monday, March 16, 2015

Fall 2014 Family Photos

So here we go again. I'm going to try this blogging thing. These are SO 6 months old. People who got a Christmas card from us have seen some of these, but it appears that there are a lot of people reading this blog that I wasn't aware of. I will be address this in my next blog...which I am off to write now -

We decided to have some professional photos done the weekend after Caris and Kinley turned one year old. ONE!

We headed out to Floyd Lamb park (it's the peacock park to Avery) and it was a little chillier than we thought it would be, especially with the wind. And the coordinating outfits that I selected weren't super warm/didn't have sweaters or jackets to match, so we just decided to tough it out. "Tough it out" meaning the high that day was like 67 with some wind also. Eek. We have definitely adjusted to the desert weather.

Here is the all girl picture.

Here is one of us sitting on a low bridge thingy.

Sitting on a big tree.

Avery is RIGHT in the middle of saying "cheese" here. Can't you tell?

Caris had JUST started walking when this photo shoot was done. Kinley is still happy to sit and not move. I wish you could have seen me just outside the frame. I would hold Kinley up in standing and let go right when the photographer took the picture. Which is why it looks like Kinley is sloooooowly lowering herself to the ground. Because she's like "eh, I'm good sitting right here."

Family picture with Optimus. He got put in the car right after this. He thought the peacocks were squeaker toys. And he couldn't stay calm. Although, he was only in about 5 shots total so I think technically, he won the "most photogenic award" since all of his pictures were awesome.

The babies took some "One Year" pictures. I just love those little faces.

AHHH! They're so cute. I love them.

Sharing. It's very rare right now. And it was captured in a photo :)

I wish I knew what faces/noises we were making when this picture was taken. I would make it all the time.

So if you live in the Las Vegas area, we had a great experience with Dancing Frog Photography and we will definitely be utilizing Erin Kelly's business again.

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