Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Left Troy Alone with the Girls for 9 Days - Prequel

So I have this friend. I've known her for 15 years. Which is crazy. I've known her more than half of my life.

This is Kristen:

This is Kristen and Me. In high school (sorry, it's bad):

Kristen and I have been through a lot. Like when we drink together and my feet hurt and she drops me in the parking lot and we can't stop laughing. This was supposed to be a shot of Kristen giving me a piggy back ride. But she dropped me instead and somehow, we got an action shot of us falling:

Or when Troy went TDY when Avery was a week old. And we were moving away from Dover and living in a hotel. And Kristen came to my rescue. Look how sleepy she is. That's sacrifice. Staying up with a baby that isn't your own:

She got married 3 years ago. We look better than high school, huh? We clean up well:

So let's pause a minute and list all the things that Kristen has done.

1. She came when Avery was a week old to live with me in TLF while Troy was gone.
2. She drove with me to Texas when Avery was 4 months old when we moved to San Antonio and Troy was already there.
3. She stayed a week and helped me unpack my house in San Antonio.
4. She came to Vegas when I was hospitalized for hyper stimulated ovaries and took care of Avery.
5. She came to Vegas for a week when I was on bedrest. She left 3 days before the twins were born.

Kristen married a guy in the military. This is him:

She moved to Florida. She's been living there since she got married. They got orders a few weeks ago to move back to Virginia. OH and she has a 5 month old little boy. Ain't he cute?

So go ahead a scroll back up to that list. I'll wait.

As her first move as a military spouse with a new baby, it can be SO overwhelming. SO much to do. On a plane I went to help her. I mean, not only was I ready for a trip by myself, but Kristen was doing her first move.

I left on a red eye from Vegas thursday night and arrived in Washington, DC on friday morning. I flew back to Vegas the FOLLOWING saturday...9 days later. Troy was with the kids all that time. He did great. They're all alive and accounted for. In addition, being gone really reinforced the importance and power of building your "village." I'm not entirely certain he would have made it without our village.

In addition, I got to see a lot of people I grew up with and have known me for years. As well as acquaintances that I have only met a few times, but am friends with on Facebook. Apparently, more people are reading this blog than I was aware of. I had about 12 people ask me, separately, a version of the question, "why aren't you blogging anymore?" Or "I'd like to fan girl stalk your babies and you're making it hard." Or "I am very invested in your family because you blogged about your fertility and stuff and I'm going through that now." So I'm back. And making a better effort. Promise.

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