Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things I Learned on My Trip - Part 1

1. Being sick on an airplane is pretty much the worst thing. Ever.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I left on a red eye Thursday night from Vegas to go to Washington, DC.

Monday night (3 days) before my trip, Troy and I had to give Kinley a bath in the middle of the night because she barfed all other the place. She woke up crying and Troy went to check on her and took a shower with her while I changed her bedding, got out new pajamas, and tried to convince Caris it wasn't play time. Kinley had diarrhea on tuesday with a side of diaper rash.

Caris threw up 3 times wednesday morning and had diarrhea all day. It appeared to be only a 24 hour thing.

Troy was freaking out while I was at work on Wednesday, knowing that I was leaving, but counting the seconds for Avery to start praying to the porcelain gods as well. Spoiler, Avery was the only person who made it out free and clear from any sickness. He was begging me to take them to the doctor Thursday morning before I left "just to make sure they were okay." NEWSFLASH TROY! They're more likely to pick up something else from the waiting room than be magically healed by the pediatrician.

Instead I did some laundry, cleaned up, and packed my stuff thursday and get on the plane at 11pm in Vegas. I was in the emergency exit row (score) and AMAZINGLY was the only person in the row, so I got three seats to myself. I decided to be very mature and lie down immediately across all three seats and fall asleep. You know, before someone stuck in a middle seat tried to move and ruin my plan.

Well, that was short lived. I woke up about an hour into the flight and my stomach was churning. Bad. It came out of nowhere. Thank goodness the seat belt light was off. I took off at almost a sprint, not wanting to tip off the other passengers to the war about to happen in that TINY, AWFUL airplane bathroom.

Decisions you never want to make: Do I throw up in the bathroom sink, or put my face in a place that was just occupied by my rear end? And the rear ends of tens of thousands of other strangers? WORST. EVER.

SO...that happened.

Luckily, I wasn't running back and forth during the flight. I had a one long trip to the bathroom and was done.

I landed in DC and Kristen picked me up. Luckily, she was very understanding. Unluckily, Mother Nature had dumped about 6 inches of snow on the DC Metropolitan area and the drive home was bumpy and slow. Her mom had a stash of Pedialyte popsicles in the freezer. God Bless her. I ate 1 and was in bed by 9am. I'm not joking. Sitting up in a chair, I thought I was going to die from the nausea. Worse than my nausea while pregnant with the twins. I woke up at noon and ate another. Back to bed for 3 hours and got up and ate another. Those things are the Her mom said she bought a box of them at Wegmans. I've never seen them before. Although, I've never looked either. You better believe I will be from now on. Those should be stashed at all times.

Thank you, Jesus, it was only a 24 hour bug. So, after sleeping all day, I was starving. I was able to eat a full meal for dinner. And feeling SO much better. Like about 90 percent. Which was so necessary because I was attending a $450 continuing education course for work all day Saturday and Sunday. And there was NO way I missing that, sick or not. Spoiler alert, it was the best course I've ever attended.


  1. Have you found those Pedialite popsicles? I've looked on base and at target but haven't located them yet.

    1. Walmart! In the kids pharmacy section with regular pedialyte, formula, medicine. They are like otter pops where you buy them in liquid and freeze them for later.


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