Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art Updates

I bought this stuff like...FOREVER ago. I blogged about it almost 2 months ago. I had a shopping spree on Etsy and picked up some art. So I finally got around to buying some frames. I picked up 4 16 x 20 frames at Ikea while I was in San Diego last week on clearance. WOOP WOOP!

I opened those bad boys and put all the pictures in the frames. Then I realized some tweaking needed to be done. 3 of the pictures were 8 x 11.5 and the 4th picture was almost 12 x when I looked at the pictures together, they looked silly because the grey borders weren't matching up.

Long story short, I wound up doing some surgery on the print. I used an exacto knife to cut it down because I tend to get overzealous with scissors. I measured and cut exactly down the lines with the exacto knife. Easy peasy. Can you tell which one of these 3 got snipped?

It was the one shaped like Virginia on the far left. This is the other print that is hanging next to the window over the side table.

As you can see in the picture collage above, I have also rehashed our lamp problem after getting some feedback on the lampshade issue. So I purchased a new shade from Target and got that all fixed up. Troy had to do some surgery on the lamp to make it look right. It involved wire cutting and electrical tape. It looks MUCH better! Here's the old one:

And the new one!! SO MUCH BETTER!!! Right?

We also hung up all of our pictures in the stairway. We didn't hang a single one of these in San Antonio because it was too much work. Isn't that awful? So, I exchanged a bunch of the pictures in the frames because Avery wasn't born yet when these were last hanging. And here is the gallery of frames on the way up the stairs:

I'm so glad we are finally getting a bunch of this stuff done around the house. I really feel like a house starts to feel like a home when stuff is hanging on the walls.

What makes a house feel like home to you? The coffee pot on the counter? Curtains hanging? Are you with me about the picture frames?


  1. I am with you about the picture frames!! We didn't hang any pictures in San Antonio either. When we got here I was nearly in tears when I saw all the pictures of when the girls were first born. It was so hard to change out pictures with updated ones. I wish I had enough wall space so I would never have to change out pictures. :) Such is life. Having family pictures up makes it feel so much more like home.

    1. That would be sad!! My stepmom is really good about updating pictures. She rotates her favorites through about every 4-6 months so can still see her favs from when we were little. It's fun to go to their house and see pictures from when we were kids when pics from now.

  2. Very cute! Clearly we both have fantastic taste with the diagonal wall art :) And I completely adore the state art!

    1. I loved your frames!! It was so cute how you put your initials on each end!


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