Friday, September 14, 2012

Mommy Parenting VS. Daddy Parenting

Troy and I are parents. But our first baby was our puppy Optimus. He is the BEST dog. So sweet. And gentle with Avery. I need to keep that in mind more often. He was our very first baby. And we love him dearly.

Sometimes we have conflicting views on proper dog parenting. Or general first aid. Here is a perfect example:

While Laura and I were out shopping at the outlets on saturday morning in San Diego, Troy and Optimus went hiking. They went about 3 miles and didn't go further because Optimus was pooped out. By the time that they hiked the 3 miles back and then got home, the poor baby puppy was limping. Troy checked out his paw and there was a huge blister on one of his pads :(

Troy sent me this picture. It's his solution to Optimus's blister problem. It's very high tech (sarcasm). Can you guess what it is? I knew immediately. There is no duct tape involved. Which is remarkable considering it is a frequent man-cure-all. I kid, I kid. Sort of.

This is my immediate response. How sassy is my hubby?? He's funny.

It's like he KNEW that his solution would not satisfy me. Can you hear the positivity in his exclamation marks? Like, "If I am excited enough with my exclamation points, she will ignore the fact that Avery's beautiful white sock could be about to catch a bucketful of pus and blood?"

P.S. No, I'm not pregnant. MOM! I just like to joke with Troy that if we have a boy, he will have to wear Avery's beautiful clothes so that they get tons of wear before I give them away. We have TONS of pink frilly socks that he could have picked for Optimus's foot, but apparently, even a boy DOG is not allowed to wear girl socks.


  1. Haha, oh Troy! good thinking though.

    And poor puppy - is the blister fixed?

    1. It's fine now. He was limping from sunday to wednesday. Poor guy. Our whole backyard is rocks so going potty for him was pretty painful. We are going hiking again this weekend, so hopefully he'll be alright :)


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