Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Shining Example of My Gullibility

You can read about the time I thought road kill seagulls were chickens.

You can also read about the time I ate butter off a baked potato bar like ice cream.

This one is seriously embarrassing. And a horrible example of how dumb I am. As well as Troy's ability to bold faced lie straight to my face. And he wonders why I never believe anything he says. Prime example right here, babe.

This happened in high school. Troy was packing up his room after graduation, about a week before heading off to college. He was going through the desk in his room and pulled out a whole drawer and set it on his bed. He started shifting through it and pulled out a bottle of cologne and handed it to me. It had a red, white, and blue striped label on it (he's an American guy through and through) and the bottle had his name on it.

Natalie: What is this?

Troy: It's my scent.

(I opened the bottle and smelled it)

Natalie: Oh wow, it smells like you!

Troy: I know. It's my scent.

Natalie: What do you mean? You went to a factory and combined a bunch of scents together and then "copyrighted" it?

Troy: I went to the Tommy Hilfiger factory last summer with my family and they have this thing you can pay extra for on their factory tour. You go and sit in this bath thing and the scientists are able to pull your actual natural scent out of your body and bottle it.

Natalie: REALLY? Wow, I've never heard of that. You'd think it'd smell like B.O. I guess not... (opens lid and smells it again) You smell good.

Troy: It's a totally one of a kind bottle. You can have it if you want.

Natalie: Are you sure? It's the only one!

Troy: I'm sure.

I know, I know. That's ridiculous. But I believed him. So much so, that when we went to youth group later that week, I told my friend Ashley about it. Ashley thought it was cool too. We chatted about it. And Troy overhead me. He busted out laughing and told me that he had lied. He couldn't have this rumor going around about the Tommy Hilfiger company making "magic cologne" because of a story he made up. He still makes fun of me about it.

ALTHOUGH I must also mention that Ashley believed it too. That doesn't make it any less embarrassing, but at least I had company in the gullibility boat on this one.

SO embarrassing. Imagine if I had told this story to someone else who knew that it had to be bull. I'm just glad I told someone who believed it too and didn't make me feel stupid about it. And now you all know.

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