Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Troy Drunk Dialed My Parents...More than Once

We are in the midst of a series about "Middle of the Night Weirdness that Doesn't Include Sleeping, or THAT."

You can read about me seeing a ghost here.

This one includes a drunk dial to my parents. When we were in college, Troy made the grave mistake of putting my name in his phone with 2 categories underneath my name and he had to select which number he wanted to call.

1. My house phone
2. My cell phone

There were several instances where Troy accidentally called my parents (aka my house phone) on a friday or saturday night between 0100 and 0500 in the morning. Waking up my parents and resulting in some VEEERY awkward conversations. It's an honest mistake, really.

Troy and I would go out with our friends and whenever we got home, we would call each other before bed on weekends.

These awkward call-Natalie's-parents-instead-of-Natalie happened about a 2-3 times in one school year. My poor parents. Luckily for Troy, they didn't mind too much and they still laugh about it now.

*ring ring, ring ring*

My stepdad: hello?

(no mind that a man answered the phone, Troy didn't notice)

Troy: Hey baby, I love you so much. I miss you. I wish I was there.

My stepdad: Troy...

Troy: Natalie?

My stepdad: Troy.

Troy: Who is this?

My stepdad: You did it again.

Troy: Ooooh sorry. How are you?

My stepdad: We're sleeping. It's 0427 am.

Troy: Ooooh sorry.

My stepdad: Be safe. Have fun. Talk to you later.

Troy: Ooooh sorry, sir. Have a good night.

Needless to say, after this happened about 3 times, Troy deleted my parents phone number COMPLETELY out of his phone. When was hilarious because sometimes he'd need to call them (because who memorizes phone numbers anymore when you have a cell phone) and he would call me to give him they're phone number. You know, because he deleted it to avoid an awkward drunk dial with my parents. Again.

The good news is, they LOVE him and gave him their blessing when he wanted to marry me :) I got me a winner.

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  1. I remember these calls well. I got one of them also. Troy was always so endearingly sloppy drunk and apologetic on those calls.


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