Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Troy Peed In My Purse

You read that right.

Troy and I had been married for less than 6 months. We got married in June of 2007 and he didn't go active duty until November. I was in my first year of grad school and had signed a lease to live with 2 roommates before we had even gotten engaged. SO Troy and I lived with 2 roommates our first 6 months we were married in a tiny apartment with 1 bathroom in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. It was AWESOME. I LOVE LOVE LOVED that apartment.

I'm pretty sure the night before was really low key. We had gone out to dinner with some friends and come home and had game night or something. Aka...this occurred and NO alcohol was involved. This is an important detail to mention because the next morning, I got up and wanted to upload my pictures from the night before off my digital camera onto my computer. For some reason, I had dropped my purse (it was smaller) into a giant tote bag that I used for school/gym/whatever when we got home the night before. It was a GIANT canvas tote bag.

I reached into the giant tote bag and started to sift through the contents of my purse and my hand was wet when I pulled my camera out. My camera had liquid dripping out of it. I looked up at the ceiling to see if it was leaking. Nothing. My bag was RIGHT underneath the wall of windows in my room so I looked to see if it was open/leaking. Nothing. I checked to see if my tote bag had an open water bottle in it. Nothing.

Now that I know it was pee, I am dreading writing this next part...

I lifted my purse out of the tote bag and started emptying the contents onto the floor so that I could separate them to dry out. I set everything on a towel and took the battery/memory card out of my camera. I took all of the cards and money out of my wallet. And I started SMELLING everything. Trying to figure out what had possibly ruined my camera and wallet.

Troy heard me shuffling around and woke up asking me what I was doing.

Troy: Babe, what are doing?

Natalie: I have water all over the inside of my school bag. I set my purse in there last night and everything is SOAKING wet.

Troy: That's weird...

Natalie: Nothing is leaking the the floor all around my bag is soaked and I'm gonna be pissed if my camera doesn't work anymore.

A few hours go by and one of our roommates, gets up and sees the contents of my purse drying on the floor.

Curt: What are you doing?

Natalie: My purse is soaked and I have NO idea what happened.

Curt: Really...hmm. Where is Troy's bathroom at home? Or in his last apartment?

Natalie: What do you mean?

Curt: Like in relation to his bed. Where is the bathroom?

(I gesture and explain)

Curt: Well there were some guys in my dorm freshman year who would get up in the middle of the night, kind of sleep walking, and they would walk to where their bathroom was at home and just pee wherever they wound up.

He gave me a moment to let it sink in.

Curt: Apparently guys get disoriented and aren't all the way awake and just pee where they think their bathroom is.

Troy is listening.

Troy: Oh no. There were a couple guys who did that in my dorm freshman year. One guy actually lifted the screen on his roommates laptop, like a toilet seat, and peed right onto the keys. Another guy peed into his laundry hamper...

Natalie: OMG. Are you saying that THIS IS PEE???

Curt says nothing both of the guys and start laughing.

Troy confirmed that this scenario is a real possibility. He thinks about it for a few hours and says that it's very very likely that this is what happened.

Troy peed in my purse, thinking it was his toilet at his apartment from bag was located in the EXACT same spot as the relationship from his bed to the bathroom.

And that's how my very first digital camera was ruined. So sad...

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