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Lindsey's Bachelorette Weekend: Day 3

These are our mugshots after a night out on Day 2. You can also read about day 1 here.

We woke up around 9 on saturday morning and were putting together details from the night before. Laughing. And drinking coffee and water. There was not enough coffee and water.

Then we all started rotating through showers for the day. Lindsey literally did not know anything that was planned for the whole weekend. There were things that she definitely wanted to do, but Taylor kept lying. These are examples of actual conversations that happened between the 2 of them:

Lindsey: Ok, where are we going for lunch?

Taylor: We are going to the oldest museum south of the Mason-Dixon line and then having tea and sandwiches for lunch.

Lindsey: Oh, ok that Are we going to Paula Dean's restaurant at any point?

Taylor: Nope, sorry. This is slow season for tourism in Savannah, so they are actually closed for renovations.

Lindsey: WHAT!??! That's so sad. I really wanted to go there.

Lies, Taylor...Lies. The funny thing is, Taylor actually told Lindsey that we were doing things that sounded pretty fun to Lindsey so when we didn't do those things, Lindsey was like, "but wait...going to a tea house sounded fun."

So we headed down to River Street again for lunch. Lindsey had NO idea where we were going. We went to Paula Dean's restaurant called Lady and Sons. It's been open since 1989.

Here is the outside of the restaurant. Apparently, the line is usually wrapped all the way around the block. But that was before they took reservations. Which they JUST started doing. We had a reservation, thank goodness, because there was NO way I was waiting for 2+ hours to eat, which I guess is the norm.

I got the buffet. I wanted to try some of everything and there was no way I'd be able to pick something from the menu without having food envy from something someone else ordered. I think I literally ate about 4 lbs of food. I have proof. It's on my hips now. Of the 12 of us, 5 people got the buffet. I was the first person back to the table with food and the other 7 pairs of eyeballs just about popped out of their heads. Not because the food looked good. But I think I packed about 3lbs of food on my plate. Literally. I was like, "don't judge me right now." I ate the whole plate. Without breathing. A total inhale before their ordered meals arrived. I may have been wearing leggings. Which are similar to maternity pants in the waist. Because I had a total food baby. And I went back for seconds. It was embarrassing. So. Much. Butter. That lady is no joke with the butter. I also ate dessert. I make no apologies. Don't judge.

As a side note: I weighed myself when I came home on sunday and I gained 4lbs in 4 days. I'm pretty sure I can thank THIS meal for most of that weight. Moving on...

The next thing we did was a Savannah/Lindsey and Chester Themed Scavenger hunt. Taylor found a company that does custom scavenger hunts and they organized a walking one for us around Savannah. It was amazing. I think it was my favorite thing we did the whole weekend. We were organized into 3 teams of 4 and Taylor bought each team matching headbands. We were the pink team. There was also a black team and a teal team. We were given a list of 25 things that we could accomplish. We were only allowed to choose 15 items. Each item had an assigned number of points. The team who got the most points with any combination of 15 items after 1.5 hours won.

Some of the items were hilarious. I can't remember them all, but most of the items required a picture for proof. God Bless smart phones :)

Take a picture with every person in the picture touching a body of water. 100pts for each person in the picture.

Get a drink from a bar and bring back the cup. We went to Wet Willie's and all got slushies. Here is Lindsey excited about her drink. We also got the bartender to "dress up in women's clothing." Ie. Our headbands, scarf, sunglasses, and a purse. I didn't get that photo. Sadness.

Make a veil out of items that you already have on you. You cannot buy anything for this task. We used our map of Savannah and the headband that Lindsey was wearing for our team designation.

1000 points if you can get a stranger to propose to you. 1000 extra points if you can get him to do it with his shirt off. Funny story: this guy was selling the palm flowers. We paid him for the flowers and asked him to propose with his shirt off. CHECK!

Ask a couple (who look like they have been married for a long time) to write marriage advice on this paper. 100 points for every year of marriage. We picked a couple who looked to be about in their mid 70's thinking that it would have been 40 years minimum. As it turns out, they were ON THEIR HONEYMOON!! SO cute. They were from Australia and had awesome accents.

Go to a bar and get as many people as possible in a photo touching a single barstool. 100 points per person touching the barstool.

Go to the oldest movie theater south of the Mason-Dixon line and take a picture of the brick with Forrest Gump's name on it.

We did 15 things on the list, but those are the only ones that I got pictures of. Here are a few examples of other things on the list.

- Find a guy with the same name as the groom (Chester) and take a picture of his driver's license.

- Take a picture of a guy that looks like Elvis marrying 2 of you

- Get a pair of boxer shorts. It doesn't matter how you get them.

- Take a picture of a man kissing a member of your group. 100 extra points for each additional person in the picture getting kissed.

Those are just some examples. It was amazing and fun.

That night, the theme was "Pirate Night." We all wore black and had red feather boas, eye patches on chop sticks, and Lindsey wore a Pirate hat. We went to a restaurant called "The Pirate House." Here is a group photo before we all went out:

We cabbed it there and had reservations. The bar had some great drink selections. I had Rum Spiced Cider and the straw was through a cinnamon stick, so every sip I took had a GREAT spike of flavor.

It was a seafood restaurant and has a room that is haunted. We went into the room (where apparently people see a young boy sometimes) but he did not make an appearance.

Here is Lindsey with the Pirate mascot guy of the restaurant, who goes around and visits with the patrons.

Seeing as how I ate like a PIG at Lady and Sons, I got a hot spinach salad...YUM. I shared an entree of crab dip with another one of the girls. I was SOOO full from the day.

Here is a cute one of Taylor, Elaine, and Nicole at Dinner.

We went to a local bar called Pinky's after dinner, where Ronald Reagan announced his intent to run for President, so that was pretty cool. We stayed for about 3 drinks and headed home.

We had Lindsey a lingerie shower the day before and some of the girls were demanding a fashion show. So a few of us camped out upstairs while Lindsey gave us a little preview of her and Chester's honeymoon. #brownchickenbrowncow Lets just say that Chester is a lucky man and Lindsey has some generous and dirty dirty friends. It was fun. And I was up until 230am. UGHHHH.

I definitely got up at 445am to get to the airport to get on my flight departing at 630am that morning. Flying east to west when you are exhausted and have to be up all day and care for a toddler = not awesome.

Awesome weekend. I am so glad I made the trip. Troy and Avery survived. They didn't just survive...Troy made dinner every night. And not just mac n cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Chicken parmesan. Avery and her daddy had a date night. Love them. It was great to leave for a weekend. But it was great to come home to my family.

Can't wait for the wedding in April. When all my siblings AND their spouses come together. It's gonna get messy. And awesome. Yesssssss....

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