Monday, July 30, 2012

New Mexico Museum of Space History (Outside Part)

We are very slowly doing everything you can do in Alamogordo. We have already hit the zoo, Cloudcroft (here and here), and White Sands (here, here, and here). Next up, the New Mexico Museum of Space History. And if we are being honest, it was a little sad. For several reasons.

1. We could only do the outside portion. We had a brain fart and forgot the stroller and the baby carrier. Meaning we were carrying around Avery. That little girl is HEAVY. And maybe not so little.

2. Avery was like, this is not interesting. Everything is rusted and in muted colors. Nothing is moving. I basically have the toddler ADD going. After about an hour of exploring the outside exhibits, she was over it.

3. There was a "rocket" there (and forgive me, I can't remember the name of it) and it was the first rocket launched out of the UK. It went about 5500 feet. Troy laughed. He was like, "I'm pretty sure I could build a rocket in my backyard that goes higher than that."

Now, lets be fair. We didn't go inside. Which is kind of a bonus for us. That's a whole other day of things to do for us :) It also costs money. So our excursion outside was free. And I love free.

Lets get to the good stuff. Pictures! The first thing we saw the the machine used in the 60's to test the effects of g-forces on animals and humans. Can we please discuss that I would not EVER volunteer for this experiment. Ouch.

This is the machine from the inside. It was pretty long.

This is the training cockpit for a F-117.

Baby Girl and I in front of the training plane.

Troy and Avery (squinting haha)

This is the Little Joe 2. The plaque with all in info about it is below. I thought this was one of the coolest things the museum had. And one of the biggest. Ah, the age old argument. Is bigger really better?? So to speak?

Trying to keep Avery happy while we look at the outside exhibits.

Overall, I felt like the museum was a history of what Holloman AFB has had it's hands in since the late 50's. Nothing super impressive, but very informative.

I think that Troy and I are spoiled with museums. Growing up in the DC area and both of us having parents who love history puts all museums at a disadvantage. The Smithsonian museums were right out our doorsteps as children and my stepdad works for the Air and Space Museum. We have high expectations. So we may not be fair judges or critics.

If Avery was a little older, I'm sure that it would have been pretty cool. But as entertainment for Troy and I, it was pretty eh overall. But a great way to get out of TLF. We are hopeful that the inside holds some jems. We think that maybe they are trying to protect the good stuff from the elements. Have I mentioned that it's hot?

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